Quantum therapy & astrology sessions


Quantum therapy & astrology sessions with Mara Marte

An holistic  approach with Quantum Therapy, astrology & herbalism helps to dig deeper in the awareness of our evolving identity while having practical exercises to help us thrive. Our mission depends on commitment. But even the lack of commitment has a root. When identifying, we are able to start healing the core & expand our virtues.

Quantum session

1:1 Quantum session


Energetic treatment will be different from person to peson and might involve energetic healing with Chi Kung, energetic breathing meditation, sacred dances, essenic therapy, Quantum & Buda hands, cristal therapy & aromatherapy. Also her learnings on astrology, herbalism & xamanism might be connected.

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personal year reading

Your personal year reading


Your personal year reading (astrological solar revolution): in-person ritual with personalised tea to help you integrate. You can choose to receive this tea also as a gift (herbalism connected).

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surprise gift

Surprise gift


Surprise Gift is a creation Mara Marte offers you accordingly to your needs at the moment. What can be inside? 1 of these creations or a combination: torch; candle; crystal; tea, bath-tea; bracelet +  ritual sugestions, mantras, storytelling & surprises she finds you need! This gift is highly personalised & unique! After purchase is confirmed you will receive an estimation date of delivery.

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Discover your xamanic animal guides


Mara Marte prepares an imersive ritual for you to connect & discover the xamanic animal guides which support you in all your chakras. What you receive? In-nature ritual & handwritten letter with description of all your animal purposes & meanings in a xamanic & quantum integrated perspective. Contribution is: Give what you feel. Its done from the heart. Money should not be a problem.

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