Personal Year 💙 Alchemical Map©


Personal Year 💙 Alchemical Map©: Ask your unique herbalism, astrology & quantum therapy box!
Astrological chart reading based on your year learnings & blessings in all of your life areas. We are always evolving and changing, ready?

Whats in the box?

  • Personal-Year💙 Alchemical Map©
  • Personalised tea created from your unique astrological reading;
  • Crystals that help you integrate and thrive in the missions of the year;
  • Letter about the crystals properties;
  • Letter about the year mission;
  • Story-telling & more!

Important note: Because all items are customized relatively to the customer astrological chart, each delivery will have a different presentation, different colors, different messages, crystals, tea, box. The images are demonstrative only, but the items described in the list are always present! This is highly personalised product💙

  • After purchase is confirmed you will receive an estimation date of when your Alchemical will be available, but these readings usually take 3 to 4 weeks to deliver. Great works take time & dedication, finding your crystals, biological herbs… totally worth it 🙂


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