Marachino© healthy energetic drink


Marachino© healthy energetic drink! A yummy hot drink that can help you leave coffee or can be added to your routine to bring a more balanced mood & energy along your days. Helps you wake up without a boost and sudden loss of stamina (as usual coffee) while being very flavoured!
Has cacao, magic mushrooms, coconut sugar & 7 other magic plants that bring calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, carbohidrates, antioxidant effect & other benefits that help reduce mental & body fatigue.

This beverage can be served with cream & with almond or rice milk. Its simply yumi, vegan, organic, lactose & gluten free! Done for me 5 years ago to help me get rid of caffeine addiction & of the ups and downs in my mood & energy. This time I share the potion with you! Each morning a Marachino so flavoured like coffee but way more healthy 😻

As been served to many of my friends & has also been delivered to some Alchemical Map© clients. Give it a try, you won’t regret! ☕️

Recommendation: use with bath-tea ritual: OXUM FOREST


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