Life-mission 💙 Alchemical Map©


Life-mission 💙 Alchemical Map©: Ask your unique herbalism, astrology & quantum therapy box!
Astrological chart reading based on your life-mission and related to your dharma (blessings) & karma (learnings) giving you clues on how to live a more fulfilled life and in which areas, while being authentically you. Do you know yourself? We are always evolving and changing!. This Alchemical Map choise is more related to the karmic vision and studies in astrology.

Whats in the box?

  • Life-mission 💙 Alchemical Map© based on your life-mission and related to your dharma (blessings) & karma (learnings).
  • Personalised tea created from your unique astrological reading;
  • Crystals that translate your changing personality dynamics and add balance to it;
  • Letter about the crystals properties;
  • Letter about the life mission number & totem symbol;
  • Other surprises!

Important note: Because all items are customized relatively to the customer astrological chart, each delivery will have a different presentation, different colors, different messages, crystals, tea, box. The images are demonstrative only, but the items described in the list are always present! This is highly personalised product💙

  • After purchase is confirmed you will receive an estimation date of when your Alchemical will be available, but these readings usually take 3 to 4 weeks to deliver. Great works take time & dedication, finding your crystals, biological herbs… totally worth it 🙂


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