Cosmic Love: 💜 tea


Cosmic Love: 💜 biombo : A unique and original tea creation to help you connect with your loving side, balance feminine & masculine in you, but also to honor the sacred bond & nourish balanced relationships!

Swipe to read all the studied spiritual & body benefits that this potion brings within + how does this tea look like! It is also possible to book a 1:1 tea ritual, but also tea ritual for 2, for groups, kids, events & parties! Click here to book

Whats inside the Cosmic love Biombo: 6 biological teacup preparations ready-to-use + preparation easy-steps + unique special message for you!


Disclaimer: Some of the box shape & color tone may vary according to stock, since there are all biological and handmade products that try to respect nature at its best. For sustainability reasons, the first time you buy a biombo, you receive the wood box, but the next purchases are refill. So you receive only the content of the bath-tea and arriving home you can put inside the wooden biombo box that you already have from your first purchase. We are green, and its not just in the paper, this is a sustainable local business.

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