Bath-tea ritual 💚 ~ Oxum Forest


This is a waky-waky bath-tea ritual that combines 6 herbs that were studied and joined in biological tea combination, that help you connect with cacao and to the goddess of the waterfalls while feeling delighted. Joining this tea with unique, traditionally created essential oils & therapeutic salts, I manage to help you feel more energic! Carefully studied potion to your bath-tea ritual to give you a better connection to your dreams: a ritual to  yourself, or to enjoy as couple, as friends.. or even to gift to a loved one 🙂


It all started from Mara’s love for being in the bathtub and for making fragrant alchemy and teas! Love of love now for you! Are you ready to delight yourself with a beautiful relaxing bath, scented with organic ingredients, which takes care of your skin and makes you feel lighter? Each bath tea has a description of the benefits for the body but can also bring with it a sing-telling journey, meditation, a story, bath ritual suggestions and even tips to make it happen!  Give it a try 🌺🧖🏾‍♀️🛀🏾 Disclaimer: For sustainability reasons, the first time you buy a biombo, you receive the wood box, but the next purchases are refill. We are green, and its not just in the paper, this is a sustainable local store.

Check the base tea Mara Marte created for this bath-tea creation:




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