Alchemical Book 💙


Ask your unique astrology reading inside a special book to keep.

What can you find?

  • Uniquely decorated book cover related to your astrological life path;
  • Your astrological reading choice, printed in the book pages;
  • Carefully selected crystals that help you integrate and thrive;
  • Letter about the crystals properties;
  • Pages for you to do self-reflection on the reading;
  • Unique Practical suggestions for you to apply in your life;
Important note: This option does not come with the extra gifts of the Alchemical Box. Its a different creation. You receive your uniquely decorated book related to your astrological reading! No cover is equal to other customers. Presentation, colours, messages, crystals, reading, suggestions, everything always differs! The images are demonstrative only because this is a highly personalised creation💙 After purchase is confirmed you will receive an estimation date of when your Alchemical book is available, but these readings usually take 4/5 weeks to deliver. Great works take time & dedication… totally worth it!

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