Mara Marte journey

Once upon a time…

there was a singing-teller who painted her dreams

that was how the first infusion biombo came to life: “Arabian Nights”, the tea she prepared to sleep better & remember her dreams! Since then, other teas were created and the brand Biombos de Infusões© was born
She writes stories and paints since she remembers herself, and everything grown through the creative expression of her ideias. In her path she tooks several courses and experiences joining Herbalism, Astrology & Quantum Therapy – from this triade the flavour of self-awareness was born, the well know – Alchemical Map©
Along the way she also became an enthusiast who loves to sing dreamy stories about the creation of teas in events & collabs. She loves to share what she creates! The teas are not just biological, unique… they are delicious! A lot of teas have already been prepared and delivered from her hands, all handmade, reaching europe destinations. Hopefully this deliveries will reach more than their destination, will reach and warm up the hearts of those who receive them! Mara Marte honors Sheherazade, telling stories to the ones who dare to dream and be saved by their own faith. Mitakuye Oyasin

Mara Marte creations, in a moment!