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Prepare to be surprised with new perspectives about YOU! Mara Marte brings a set of tools: Astrology, Quantum Therapy, Xamanism, Herbalism & Taoism and offers this knowledge in the form of meaningful gifts with practical aplication in your life.

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Alchemical Book

Mara Marte offers a new format of receiving your Alchemical map! Receive the astrological reading, crystals & pages to write or sketch about it!

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Home - Biombo de Infusões
Your delicious energetic drink that can be served all the year – hot or cold, you decide! Contains cacao, anti-cancerigenous mushrooms & 7 other ingredients with magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium protein and antioxidant properties. And wakes you up withou caffeine!

Red Warrior

Oxum Forest

Cosmic Love

Arabian Nights

Tea Testemomnies
Tea Testemomnies
Tea Testemomnies

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