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Mara Marte journey

Your Alchemical Map reveals your soul inner wishes, learnings & suggests practical rituals to you unique healing mission, in awareness

Your unique box created from Mara Marte astrology, herbalism & quantum therapy learnings. Includes: astrological chart reading + unique biological tea translating your identity +  crystals + unique letters + integration storytelling + more.

! Choose your topic for the reading or a full map !

Red Warrior

Oxum Forest

Cosmic Love

Arabian Nights

1:1 Astrology & Quantum sessions

Marachino, your morning energetic drink (no caffeine)

Marachino© healthy energetic drink

Marachino© : healthy hot drink that wakes you up without caffeine, reduces brain/body fatigue & balances mood while being flavoured! (no boost & sudden loss of stamina as usual coffee) Has cacao, magic mushrooms & 7 other magic plants with calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, carbohidrates, antioxidant effect. Served to many Alchemical Map© clients. Give it a try!


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Tea Testemomnies
Tea Testemomnies
Tea Testemomnies

Galleria or observe & listen

Have an imersive experience observing & listening Mara Martes’ paintings while drinking her flavoured teas or/&  buy a stuning paiting in HD wood printing doing the experience in real-life!

Mara Marte creations, in a moment!